DriverTee - Golfs next step

R&A and USGA confirmed "Golf Rules Conforming"

2 functions of the upper piece:

  1. 1. Vertical locking for ease of use when teeing up
  2. 2. Hinged joint provides resistance free drives

Specific advantages of the DriverTee

  • The tee doesn’t fly away during the tee shot
  • Exacter and longer drives as a result of the hinged middle-joint without resistance
  • The computer designed form enables continuous reusing of one single golf tee
  • Ergonomic shape allows for consistency and control of DriverTee’s height
  • Provided arrow gives control of the DriverTee’s direction
  • Clean golf courses
  • No looking for lost tee’s
  • No damage to the greenkeepers machinery because of broken or lost tee’s
  • less usage of natural timber resources
  • directional arrow in the ball pad

Economic. Environment-friendly. Precise function!



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